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The Correctional Education Association - Wisconsin (CEA-W) founded in 1984, is a non-profit, professional education association. Correctional education sites in Wisconsin include: jails, juvenile detention centers, juvenile and adult state institutions and a federal prison.

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Encourage your students participate in the

CEA-Wisconsin Creativity Contest

Click on the CEA-W Creativity Contest page for more information, contest rules and submission release form.

CEA-Wisconsin Adds New Benefit for Members:

Professional Development Scholarships

The CEA-Wisconsin Board has voted to establish scholarships for members who wish to pursue professional development. At least two $500 Professional Development Scholarships will be awarded to CEA-Wisconsin members per calendar year. The CEA-Wisconsin Board may elect to award additional Professional Development Scholarships depending on the number and quality of scholarship applications and funding available.


Professional Development Scholarship monies are available up to $500 per individual for varied professional development activities. Activities which may qualify for the scholarship include educational or correctional conferences, skills training, industry trade shows, or other activities that relate to the member’s teaching responsibilities.


(Click here or on the Professional Development Scholarship page
for more information and application forms.)









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